DOI: 10.5040/9781408168578.00000004
Acts: 2. Roles: Male (5) , Female (4) , Neutral (0)

Little Sweet Thing is raw and spikily contemporary portrayal of a group of young people whose identity depends on acting tough and keeping on the right side of the gangs.

The young teenager Tash is sharp-tongued and defiant, but she can’t afford to drop her tough-girl image. Her brother Kev is just out of prison and trying to go straight, but he’s finding it difficult to stick to his new principles as his past has a nasty habit of catching up with him. As they try to survive the pressures of the gang culture that surrounds them, it seems the only way to survive is to swagger and fit in. Williams’s funny, gritty and gripping dialogue summons a complex world of vengeance, bullying, vulnerability and gun crime.

Little Sweet Thing premiered in 2005 at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich.

From Little Sweet Thing


Bloomsbury Publishing

Roy Williams

ISBN: 9780413775023

Series: Modern Plays

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