DOI: 10.5040/9781472584526.40000076
Acts: 1. Scenes: 28. Roles: Male (11) , Female (0) , Neutral (0)

Dale Katzman is spending his summer vacation from university aboard a cargo ship on the Great Lakes. Hired on as a cook – to replace the unfortunate Guigliani who suffered a violent attack of some sort while on shore leave – Dale is thrust into a world of swearing, drinking, bordeom and sailing; a world, above all, of men.

Described by the New York times as 'Mamet's Life on the Mississippi [a memoir by Mark Twain] . . . the writing is effortless and intuitive - and some of tales are as tall as Twain's', Lakeboat is a semi-autobiographical play which draws inspiration from Mamet's own time working aboard a cargo ship.

Written first in 1970, it was revised and first performed in 1980 by the Court Street Theater, a project of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Wisconsin.

From Mamet Plays: 2


Bloomsbury Publishing

David Mamet

ISBN: 9780413687401

Series: Contemporary Dramatists

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