DOI: 10.5040/9781350997011.01

Duration: 3:19:16

  • 01 Julius Caesar 1:56:08
  • 02 An Introduction to Julius Caesar 0:03:21
  • 03 Plot 0:02:32
  • 04 Brutus and Caesar 0:02:02
  • 05 'Friends, Romans, Countrymen' Insight 0:04:40
  • 06 'He Doth Bestride The Narrow World' Insight 0:04:37
  • 07 Performing Gender 0:02:46
  • 08 Power and Politics 0:03:09
  • 09 Staging Violence 0:02:31
  • 10 An All-Female Trilogy 0:03:27
  • 11 Character Introduction: Aisha (Zainab Hasan) 0:03:04
  • 12 Character Introduction: Andrea (Sophie Stanton) 0:05:13
  • 13 Character Introduction: Ayesha (Leah Harvey) 0:00:51
  • 14 Character Introduction: Billy (Martina Laird) 0:03:03
  • 15 Character Introduction: Den (Jackie Clune) 0:03:20
  • 16 Character Introduction: Hannah Wake (Harriet Walter) 0:15:12
  • 17 Character Introduction: Rochelle (Shiloh Coke) 0:01:46
  • 18 Character Introduction: Rosie (Clare Dunne) 0:04:54
  • 19 Character Introduction: Sade (Jade Anouka) 0:02:22
  • 20 Character Introduction: Sally Gardner (Karen Dunbar) 0:03:17
  • 21 Character Introduction: (Sheila Atim) 0:01:11
  • 22 Character Introduction: Sophia (Carolina Valdés) 0:01:39
  • 23 Character Introduction: Wendy (Jennifer Joseph) 0:01:37
  • 24 Phyllida Lloyd: Rehearsal Process 0:06:34

Power, betrayal, justice. Phyllida Lloyd directs a cast including Harriet Walter in Shakespeare’s great political drama, part of the Donmar Warehouse’s all-female Shakespeare Trilogy.

Set in the present-day in the world of a women’s prison, Julius Caesar could not be more timely as it depicts the catastrophic consequences of a political leader’s extension of his powers beyond the remit of the constitution. As Brutus (Harriet Walter) wrestles with his moral conscience over the assassination of Julius Caesar (Jackie Clune), Mark Antony (Jade Anouka) manipulates the crowd through his subtle and incendiary rhetoric to frenzied mob violence. There follows the descent of the country into factions and the outbreak of civil war.

The Donmar Shakespeare Trilogy began in 2012 with an all-female production of Julius Caesar led by Dame Harriet Walter. Set in a women’s prison, the production asked the question, ‘Who owns Shakespeare?’ Two further productions followed: Henry IV in 2014 and The Tempest in 2016, all featuring a diverse company of women. The Trilogy enthralled theatre audiences in London and New York and was shared with women and girls in prisons and schools across the UK. The film versions were shot live in a specially built temporary theatre in King’s Cross in 2016.

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From Julius Caesar


Donmar Warehouse

William Shakespeare

ISBN: 9781350997011

Series: The Donmar Shakespeare Trilogy on Screen