DOI: 10.5040/9781580814645.01

Duration: 1:10:52

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In Vichy, France, in 1942, nine men are detained under a shadowy pretext. As the tension builds, the men are questioned – are they the sort of people whom the new Nazi regime considers "inferior?"

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring: Jon Matthews as Lebeau, A Painter Arye Gross as Bayard, An Electrician Robert Lesser as Police Guard and Marchand, A Businessman Gregory Itzin as Monceau, An Actor Jamie Hanes as Gypsy Shahar Sorek as A Waiter and Second Detective Ben Diskin as A Boy Andrew Hawkes as A Major Armin Shimerman as First Detective and Professor Hoffman Raphael Sbarge as Leduc, A Doctor Jamie Hanes as Police Captain Lawrence Pressman as Von Berg, A Prince Robert Lesser as Ferrand, A Café Proprietor

Featuring: Ben Diskin, Arye Gross, Jamie Hanes, Andrew Hawkes, Gregory Itzin, Robert Lesser, Jon Matthews, Lawrence Pressman, Raphael Sbarge, Armin Shimerman, Shahar Sorek

From Incident At Vichy


LA Theatre Works

Arthur Miller

ISBN: 9781580814645

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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