‘I’ll Leave it to you’

DOI: 10.5040/9781408164266.00000006
Acts: 3. Roles: Male (4) , Female (6) , Neutral (0)

Described by Coward as an ‘amiable, innocuous and deeply unpretentious little comedy’, ’I’ll Leave It To You’ was the first of Coward’s plays to be produced, in 1920. It is the neat and energetic story of an uncle who privately promises each of his idle nieces and nephews that he will leave them his entire fortune if they make something of themselves. When he returns to London a year later, the children are no longer moping around the house and, inspired by the promise of a grand inheritance, have turned themselves into highly successful composers, writers, actors and prize-winners. But it’s difficult to pin Uncle Daniel down on how exactly he made his money, and whether he really has three years to live before succumbing to an elusive malady. Showing little sign of having been written in just three days, ’I’ll Leave It to You’ is nimble, light-hearted and quick-witted.

From Coward Plays: 8


Bloomsbury Publishing

Noël Coward

ISBN: 9780413755100

Series: World Classics

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