Husbands and Sons  (adapt. Power)

D H Lawrence adapted by Ben Power

DOI: 10.5040/9780571352715.00000005
Acts: 4. Roles: Male (8) , Female (11) , Neutral (0)

In Husbands and Sons, Ben Power has interwoven three of D. H. Lawrence’s greatest dramas, The Daughter-in-Law, A Collier’s Friday Night and The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd. Together, they describe the community Lawrence came from with fierce tenderness, evoking a now-vanished world of manual labour and working-class pride.

On the cracked border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire stands the village of Eastwood. The women of the village, wives and mothers, struggle to hold their families and their own souls together in the shadow of the great Brinsley pit.

Husband and Sons by D. H. Lawrence, adapted by Ben Power, premiered at the National Theatre, London, in October 2015 in a co-production with Royal Exchange Theatre.

From Husbands and Sons


Faber and Faber

D H Lawrence adapted by Ben Power

ISBN: 9780571329670

Series: Faber Drama

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