How My Light Is Spent

DOI: 10.5040/9781784604226.00000002

Alan Harris's How My Light is Spent is a play exploring themes of loneliness, longing and being left behind. It was the winner of the Judges’ Award in the 2015 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting, and was first performed at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, on 24 April 2017, in a co-production with Sherman Theatre and Theatre by the Lake, Keswick.

The play's principal characters are Jimmy and Kitty. Jimmy is thirty-four, lives with his mum and works at Newport's only drive-through doughnut restaurant. Every Wednesday evening, while his mum is out at Salvation Army meetings, Jimmy calls a premium-rate adult chatline and talks to Kitty, one of the chatline's operators. Kitty lives in the granny flat of a topiary enthusiast, and is trying to save funds for a psychology course. Things were looking up for Jimmy, but then he loses his job and he begins to disappear, starting with his hands.

The original production was performed by two actors, although an author's note in the published script states that the play was 'written for any number of performers, and the lines of dialogue can be divided up as future productions see fit.'

The premiere production was directed by Liz Stevenson and designed by Fly Davis. It was performed by Rhodri Meilir and Alexandria Riley.

From How My Light Is Spent


Nick Hern Books

Alan Harris

ISBN: 9781848426207

Series: NHB Modern Plays

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