DOI: 10.5040/9781350935174.01

Duration: 3:32:45

  • 01 Hamlet 3:16:56
  • 02 Consonants 0:09:45
  • 03 Vowels 0:06:04

Age recommendation: 12+

Recorded through National Theatre Live on 9th December, 2010.

Director Nicholas Hytner offers a detailed political, social and psychological context to Hamlet's dilemma: whether or not to avenge the death of his father.

Rory Kinnear plays Hamlet in this dynamic production of Shakespeare’s complex and profound play about the human condition. His performance earned him an Evening Standard Award.

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Hamlet: Rory Kinnear
Barnardo: Michael Peavoy
Francisco: Matthew Barker
Horatio: Giles Terera
Marcellus: Marcus Cunningham
Ghost of the Late King: James Laurenson
Claudius: Patrick Malahide
Voltemand: James Pearse
Priest: Leo Staar
Laertes: Alex Lanipekun
Polonius: David Calder
Gertrude: Clare Higgins
Cornelia: Ellie Turner
Reynaldo: Victor Power
Rosencrantz: Ferdinand Kingsley
Guildenstern: Prasanna Puwanarajah
Player Queen: Saskia Portway
Lucianus: Michael Sheldon
Fortinbras: Jake Fairbrother
Osric: Nick Sampson
Messenger: Zara Tempest-Walters
Ophelia: Ruth Nega
Gravedigger: David Calder
English Ambassador: Michael Sheldon
Captain in Fortinbras' army: Matthew Barker
Player King: James Laurenson

Director: Nicholas Hytner
Designer: Vicki Mortimer
Lighting Designer: Jon Clark
Composer: Alex Baranowski
Sound Designer: Paul Groothuis
Fight Director: Kate Waters

From Hamlet


National Theatre

William Shakespeare

ISBN: 9781350935174

Series: National Theatre Collection