DOI: 10.5040/9781580816373.01

Duration: 1:31:15

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  • 002-Gulf War Part One.mp3 0:12:21
  • 003-Gulf War Part Two.mp3 0:16:21
  • 004-Black Act One.mp3 0:37:02
  • 005-Black Act Two.mp3 0:23:54
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Two one-act plays by Joyce Carol Oates.

Gulf War: An affluent young couple entertains an older couple for an evening of cocktails and politics during the Gulf War. But as the evening continues, the conversation take a bizarre and absurd tone.

Black: In this evening of cocktails and dinner, a couple anxiously awaits the arrival of an ex-husband. As the wine glasses are drained, the evening becomes dark and intense, revealing the true colors of the characters in this eerie love triangle.

Full-cast L.A. Theatre Works performances featuring Edward Asner, Stephanie Dunnam, Rif Hutton, Nan Martin, and Joe Spano.

Featuring: Edward Asner, Stephanie Dunnam, Rif Hutton, Nan Martin, Joe Spano

From Gulf War/Black


LA Theatre Works

Joyce Carol Oates

ISBN: 9781580816373

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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