Grand Magic

Eduardo De Filippo translated by Carlo Ardito

DOI: 10.5040/9781408161524.00000011
Acts: 3. Roles: Male (11) , Female (9) , Neutral (0)

Unhappy wife Marta needs to take a drastic step if she wants to escape her jealous husband. To that end, she and her lover recruit the help of a seedy magician, who chooses Marta as his volunteer for the ‘disappearing person’ trick in his act.

When her jealous husband realizes that Marta is not reappearing, he demands that the magician return her.

In Grand Magic, Eduardo de Filippo, explores questions of faith, obsession, and delusion. This translation was first performed in England at the National Theatre, London, in 1995.

From De Filippo Four Plays


Bloomsbury Publishing

Eduardo De Filippo translated by Carlo Ardito

ISBN: 9780413666208

Series: World Classics

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