Ghosts (trans. Lenkiewicz)

Henrik Ibsen translated by Rebecca Lenkiewicz

DOI: 10.5040/9780571285129.00000004
Acts: 3. Roles: Male (3) , Female (2) , Neutral (0)

Norway, 1881. Mrs. Alving is ecstatic when her son Osvald visits after many years abroad. He has returned to celebrate the heroic memory of his dead father. But within hours of Osvald's homecoming his mother is forced to unearth the past and reveal its terrifying ghosts.

Rebecca Lenkiewicz's version of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts, or Those Who Return, premiered at the Arcola Theatre, London, in a co-production with ATC in July 2009.

From Ghosts


Faber and Faber

Henrik Ibsen translated by Rebecca Lenkiewicz

ISBN: 9780571253487

Series: Faber Drama

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