Enron by Lucy Prebble

During this chorus section, Skilling changes into prison garb and hands in his possessions.
The Board When Enron was declared bankrupt, it was over thirty billion dollars in debt.
Security Officer Days before employees were told to leave, the latest round of bonus cheques was handed out to Enron executives, more than fifty-five million dollars.
Employee That week, twenty thousand employees lost their jobs.
Senator The financial practices pioneered at Enron are now widespread throughout the business world.
Business Analyst Over the last year and a half, the US Government has pumped over ten trillion dollars into the financial system to try and keep it from collapse.
Sloman Counting that amount at a dollar a second would take more than three hundred and twenty thousand years.
News Reporter Andy Fastow received a reduced sentence of six years in minimum security in exchange for testifying against his former boss.
Lawyer Jeffrey Skilling was sentenced to twenty-four years and four months in prison. That is the longest sentence for a corporate crime in history. His case is going to the Supreme Court.
Skilling (to us) I'm not a bad man. I'm not an unusual man. I just wanted to change the world. And I think there'll come a time when everyone understands that. They'll realise they were banishing something of themselves along with me. I believe that.I know it's hard to understand. How can something be worth a million dollars in the morning and nothing by the afternoon? Same way a man goes from captain of all industry to a fraud sitting in jail. You want to look at something and know ithas … a worth, a fundamental value? Bullshit. You're making the same mistake as any religious person. You wanna hold a mirror up to nature?
The huge crack along the wall of the building glows from behind and becomes the jagged line graph of the Dow Jones Index over the last century.
The line on the graph/crack glows.
Skilling (to us) There's your mirror. Every dip, every crash, every bubble that's burst, that's you. Your brilliant stupidity. This one gave us the railroads. This one the internet. This one the slave trade. And if you wanna do anything about saving the environment or reaching other worlds, you'll need a bubble for that too. Everything I've ever done in my life worth anything has been done in a bubble; in a state of extreme hope and trust and stupidity. Would you have gotten married if you could see her face twenty years on turn to you through tears, saying, 'You never knew me at all'?September the eleventh. 1929. Beginning of the Great Depression, and Washington Post prints Mark Twain: 'Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.'
He points to spikes and dips on the graph.
All humanity is here. There's Greed, there's Fear, Joy, Faith, Hope …And the greatest of these … is Money.
The sound of prison doors slamming.
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