Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 6: The Funeral

We're outside. Before a funeral. It is sunny.
As Skilling dresses for a funeral, guests in mourning black gather. Claudia Roe enters in mourning black, an ostentatious hat obscuring her face. He sees her.
Skilling is flanked by a Police Officer in a suit and dark glasses. The Secret Service presence is noticeable.
He does.
Irene Gant, a more mature woman, approaches Skilling.
Irene Gant Mr Skilling? My name's Irene Gant. And I worked for Enron for twenty-five years. I did everything you asked. I took all my savings and I invested them in the company I worked for. I've lost a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I have no money to retire on. And I'm living at my sister's. I wanted you to know because I swore, if I ever saw you in person, well, I don't wanna say.
Irene Gant I want an answer from you –
Irene Gant I have lost everything!
Irene Gant Oh, am I embarrassing you?! I'm sorry. Am I embarrassing you?!
Security Officer from earlier scene approaches the hubbub.
The Security Officer glares at Skilling. Skilling recognises him.
Irene Gant Won't even apologise.
She spits at him and leaves.
The men look at each other. The Security Officer ushers Irene Gant back into the funeral throng.
Baptist church bells. Roe leaves to enter the church alone.
Skilling is left alone watching the employees enter the church. He eventually turns to leave.
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