Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 3: Trial

Skilling Yes.
Skilling I knew and understood that it was legal.
Skilling I would never steal from Enron.
Skilling I did not know that.
Skilling None.
Skilling That sounds –
Skilling I believed in Enron.
Skilling I resigned because the market demanded it.
Skilling The company was worth what it was worth because of me.
Skilling I did.
Skilling I didn't know him well.
Skilling I don't see how that's – (relevant) /
Skilling We didn't do anything that every other company doesn't do! We did it more! We did it better! Show me one transaction the accountants and lawyers didn't sign off on!
Lay and Fastow are cuffed. Skilling is cuffed.
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