Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 3: Trial

Fastow I think I said I was a hero and I believed I was a hero in the context of Enron's culture.
Fastow No, I was not.
Fastow I believe I was extremely greedy and that I lost my moral compass. I've done terrible things that I very much regret.
Fastow With respect, your questions sound pretty rehearsed too.
Fastow We knew and understood that it was wrong.
Fastow We stole. We all benefited financially.
Fastow I did.
Fastow It's difficult to say.
Fastow Around forty five million dollars –
Fastow None. Directly.
Fastow When you misrepresent the nature of your company –
Fastow Then cash in your stock options, that is stealing –
Fastow We committed crimes at Enron.
Fastow I was asked to look for loopholes.
Fastow You know what I'd like written on that page? That I had the courage to admit I did something wrong.
Lay and Fastow are cuffed. Skilling is cuffed.
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