Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 2: Circle Of Blame

Detritus litters the stage. Order must be restored. Trials / hearings.
Those responsible are present around the outskirts of the stage, maybe some sort of a circle: Lay, Fastow, Ramsay and Hewitt, Arthur Andersen, the Board. But not Skilling.
A light moves from player to player as they speak.
Arthur Andersen wrestles his dummy into acquiescence.
Skilling enters the hearing.
Skilling I will testify. I'll answer any question you got. I'll take a lie detector test right here, right now. This whole situations's been terrible for a lot of people, and I'm here to explain what happened. And how I can help.
Skilling When I left Enron corporation, on August 14th of the year 2001, I believed that the company was in – was in great shape.
Skilling I don't have the records with me.
Skilling No that would – that would not be a surprise.
Skilling Well, I guess –
Skilling At this point … I have thirty-six separate lawsuits against me. It is my expectation that I will spend the next five to ten years of my life battling those lawsuits.
Skilling The markets were … destroyed after September 11th. There were allegations of accounting problems, of accounting irregularities. In business terms, that's tantamount to yelling fire in a crowded theatre. It becomes a run on the bank.
Gavel bang three times.
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