Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 1: The Earthquake Hits

Sloman (to us) There's a strange thing goes on inside a bubble. It's hard to describe. People who are in it can't see outside of it, don't believe there is an outside. You get glazed over. I believed in Enron. Everybody did. I told people again and again to keep buying that stock and I kept rating it and supporting it and championing it like it was my own child. And people say, how could you? If you didn't understand how it worked. Well. You get on a plane, you don't understand exactly how it works, but you believe it'll fly. You know – and everyone else boarding that plane knows – it'll fly up into the air and take you to your destination, crazy as that may seem. And if you got out your seat, said 'I'm not flying, I don't know how it works,' you'd look crazy. Well, it's like that. Except. Imagine if the belief that the plane could fly was all that was keeping it in the air. It'd be fine. If everybody believed. If nobody got scared. As long as people didn't ask stupid questions. About what it is keeps planes in the air.
September 11th 2001.
They improvise their responses.
Eventually …
Ken Lay comes out to give a speech.
As the speech goes on, Lay becomes surrounded by tiny pieces of shredded paper being blown all over him, all over the stage. He keeps trying to carry on regardless. The shredding represents the huge destruction of documents going on at Enron and Arthur Andersen.
Lay Well, I'm delighted to be back in charge. In more normal circumstances, I'd have a few words to say about September the 11th. Just like America's under attack by terrorism, I think we're under attack, at Enron.
News Report (With the world's markets still reeling from the recent tragic events, a formal investigation has been opened into energy trading giant Enron, deepening its share price crisis. The company has lost 60 per cent of its value since …)
Lay I'm sorry Jeff did resign. Despite the rumours, the company is doing well both financially and operationally. When our very way of life is being threatened, we remain proud of who we are and what we do. This is not the time for doubt, not the time for our confidence to be shaken –
News Report The terror attacks on New York and Washington have seen stock exchanges all over the world evacuated and all trading has ceased. Market confidence has dissolved today as Tokyo, London and then New York fell to record lows –
Lay Truth is the great rock. Whether it will continue to be submerged by a wave – a wave of terror by those attacking us – will be determined by Enron employees. We will testify to the truth. We will let the light shine in. We won't let this cloud of lies cover all our good works and deeds.
News Report Today saw the largest corporate bankruptcy in the history of the world as energy giant Enron fell. Over twenty thousand people are thought to have lost their jobs, health insurance and retirement plans. The company has collapsed after it was found to have disguised billions of dollars of debt, leading an outraged Senate to call for an immediate investigation.
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