Enron by Lucy Prebble

Act 3

Scene 1: The Earthquake Hits

September 11th 2001.
They improvise their responses.
Eventually …
Ken Lay comes out to give a speech.
As the speech goes on, Lay becomes surrounded by tiny pieces of shredded paper being blown all over him, all over the stage. He keeps trying to carry on regardless. The shredding represents the huge destruction of documents going on at Enron and Arthur Andersen.
Lay Well, I'm delighted to be back in charge. In more normal circumstances, I'd have a few words to say about September the 11th. Just like America's under attack by terrorism, I think we're under attack, at Enron.
Lay I'm sorry Jeff did resign. Despite the rumours, the company is doing well both financially and operationally. When our very way of life is being threatened, we remain proud of who we are and what we do. This is not the time for doubt, not the time for our confidence to be shaken –
Lay Truth is the great rock. Whether it will continue to be submerged by a wave – a wave of terror by those attacking us – will be determined by Enron employees. We will testify to the truth. We will let the light shine in. We won't let this cloud of lies cover all our good works and deeds.

Scene 2: Circle Of Blame

Detritus litters the stage. Order must be restored. Trials / hearings.
Those responsible are present around the outskirts of the stage, maybe some sort of a circle: Lay, Fastow, Ramsay and Hewitt, Arthur Andersen, the Board. But not Skilling.
A light moves from player to player as they speak.
Arthur Andersen wrestles his dummy into acquiescence.
Lay I have been instructed by my counsel not to testify based on my fifth-amendment constitutional rights.
Skilling enters the hearing.
Gavel bang three times.

Scene 3: Trial

Lay and Fastow are cuffed. Skilling is cuffed.

Scene 4: The Street

Unintelligible sounds.
Another man walks past him, Skilling almost walks into him. The man makes a sound of disgust and walks on.
Skilling walks by a Woman working as a prostitute.
Skilling gropes at the Woman's chest, trying to expose the wire under her shirt. He tears at it. She screams.
She storms off.

Scene 5: Skilling's House, October 2006

Daughter watches an Enron commercial on television with no sound. Eventually –
The Lawyer lets himself into Skilling's house.
Slowly, eerily, she rises to face him, stares at him.
She walks away from him, leaving the room.
Eventually Skilling enters in his robe, drinking a Diet Coke and eating a Twinkie.
Skilling's home phone begins to ring. He makes to answer the phone.
The Lawyer answers the phone.
The Lawyer listens.
The Lawyer hangs up.
Skilling tries to process the news.

Scene 6: The Funeral

We're outside. Before a funeral. It is sunny.
As Skilling dresses for a funeral, guests in mourning black gather. Claudia Roe enters in mourning black, an ostentatious hat obscuring her face. He sees her.
Skilling is flanked by a Police Officer in a suit and dark glasses. The Secret Service presence is noticeable.
He does.
Irene Gant, a more mature woman, approaches Skilling.
Security Officer from earlier scene approaches the hubbub.
The Security Officer glares at Skilling. Skilling recognises him.
She spits at him and leaves.
The men look at each other. The Security Officer ushers Irene Gant back into the funeral throng.
Baptist church bells. Roe leaves to enter the church alone.
Skilling is left alone watching the employees enter the church. He eventually turns to leave.
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