Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 10: Private Meeting

Sheryl Sloman and Ken Lay are in a meeting with Skilling.
Lay We wanted to tell you first.
Lay Later on today. We don't want the market getting the wrong idea. You've been a great cheerleader for us.
Lay It's not cos of the stock.
This seems to affect him deeply.
Lay There are no accounting / issues –
Lay We're going to deal with all that.
Lay I can honestly say the company's in the best shape it's ever been.Jeff?
Lay Yeah, you go get ready to announce.
Skilling leaves.
Lay (understating) I would have preferred he stay.
Lay Depends what you mean by sick.
Lay Don't you worry about anything here. I'm a safe pair of hands.
With a reassuring squeeze of her arm, Lay stalks off, leaving Sloman thoughtful.
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