Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 10: Private Meeting

Sheryl Sloman and Ken Lay are in a meeting with Skilling.
Skilling (teary) The company's in great shape, it couldn't be less to do with that. I … A company like this, it consumes your life. I've neglected my daughter. This is personal.
Skilling I'm doing this for the company. It'll go up when I announce. The market's decided. It wants me out.
This seems to affect him deeply.
Skilling You pour your life into something and, if it doesn't reflect back at you … I'm so tired.I can't sleep.
Skilling I haven't slept since I was fourteen.
Skilling I should go.
Skilling leaves.
With a reassuring squeeze of her arm, Lay stalks off, leaving Sloman thoughtful.
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