Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 8: Andy's Lair

Skilling enters Fastow's shady lair, all anxiety.
The Raptors stay visible. Two have grown very bold now – fast and aggressive. One of them is weak and sickly, the other two flank it to protect it.
Skilling approaches to pet them and one of the strong Raptors is aggressive. He backs off. It follows him and pins him. Skilling is deeply unnerved by them.
Fastow enters.
He tazers a Raptor to protect Skilling. It falls down, ultimately unharmed. The others back off.
He tries to look at and comfort the injured Raptor.
The Raptors seem to hear him and snap around, maybe moving towards Fastow for support.
As Skilling is at his most manic and the Raptors are circling, Ken Lay enters.
Lay is absolutely oblivious to the Raptors, the odd environment and the men's turmoil. He holds two scraps of material.
Lay Hey, Jeff! Here you are. Listen, I need your opinion. I don't know which of these for the cabin of the new jet.
He holds the choices up.
Both men stare at him. The Raptors stare at him.
Lay So I'm hearing. I'll talk to Dick.
Lay Listen, if you boys are talking business –
Lay The stock is not going to fall. That is not going to happen. You're running this show, Jeff.
Lay (threatening) I don't want to have a conversation! Once you bury a dead dog, you don't dig it up to smell it.Now, which goddamn pattern?
Lay doesn't look at the Raptors or anything except the material swatches and sometimes Skilling.
Skilling, desperately buying into the charade, points at one. Lay nods, satisfied and lowers the swatches.
Lay OK, listen up. This is a confidence thing. You're gonna have to make a call with the stock analysts to reassure the market. This is just a confidence thing.
Lay Now!
Skilling, dead-eyed, gets ushered off by Lay.
Lay turns back, eyes the minion.
Lay Jeff's not here.
Lay You don't belong to me, boy.
He leaves.
Left alone with his creations, Fastow rallies himself to do his master's bidding. He eyes the Raptors.
He destroys the Raptors.
He torches LJM.
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