Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 7: Skilling's Office

Skilling is in a meeting with the Lawyer.
Lawyer Understood.
Lawyer There were deaths in California. If I'm gonna represent you I need to know your level of involvement.
Lawyer There may be civil suits against you.
Lawyer I can find other companies that were doing this over there. But you're getting the bad press cos your guys gave it a name.
Lawyer (consults his papers) Ricochet. Fat Boy. Burn Out. Death Star. All on record as your traders' names for their strategies in California.
Lawyer What I'm saying. 'Death Star' – makes it sound like kids on a video game.
Lawyer Jeff, sending a state into chaos is, you know, that's not just a perception problem.
Lawyer I'm a lawyer, not a stock analyst.
Lawyer Maybe you should have thought of that before.
Lawyer That's a matter of opinion.
Lawyer If it wasn't illegal, it was stupid.
Lawyer OK, well, let me put it to you this way, what do you think the chances are of other states deregulating after what happened in California?
Lawyer I'm not interested in the economics.
Lawyer Protecting you. There'll be a couple of guys in trading will take a fall, they'll get a little wire fraud –
Lawyer There'll only be a bigger problem if there's anything else, any underlying …
The red box throbs from deep underneath.
Lawyer I'm the best. You'd be paying for that. And that's why we'd win.
A large Enron Security Officer appears in Skilling's doorway.
Skilling looks dishevelled and highly strung.
Lawyer I'll take care of it.
The Lawyer leaves.
The Security Officer checks around the office surfaces.
The Security Officer gets down on the floor too. He copies Skilling who puts his ear to floor. They listen, lying on the floor together.
They listen.
Skilling's head is leaning on his wrist with his watch on. He gets up, embarrassed.
They laugh.
Skilling nods.
Security Officer leaves.
Skilling's intercom beeps.
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