Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 6: Texas Vs California

The floor is flooded with Traders.
During the following, Traders are manipulating California's electricity market by moving energy around. It should be tremendous fun, extremely fast, physical and overlap is encouraged.
Trader 3 California! Yes, people, an electricity market of such complexity, designed by people of such simplicity.Loopholes so big you could fuck a fat chick through 'em and neither of you touch the sides. Let's find arbitrage opportunities. Let's. Fucking. Play.All right man, this is Clem up at Enron. We're buying as much electricity as we can and taking it out of the state.
Trader 4 Ricochet! Fat Boy! Burn Out! Death Star!
Trader 2 You want your power back? Fucking pay!
Trader 7 Wheeling electricity out of the state, push the prices up, get 'em high –
Trader 4 Sell it back when they're desperate!
Trader 5 The most beautiful thing about electricity –
All Traders It cannot be stored!
Trader 4 Holy shit, price is up through a hundred!
They all look.
Trader 1 I've never seen prices like these –
Trader 5 Welcome to Californ–I–A!
Trader 6 We're making billions of dollars!
All Traders For Enron!
News reports begin playing between and underneath the traders. They should overlap as appropriate.
Trader 5 There's a fire on the core line!
Trader 2 More fires we have, more prices go up!
All Traders Burn baby, burn!
Short physical sequence.
Physical sequence.
He hangs up the phone.
Trader 5 Come on!!
Physical sequence.
A climax of sound and activity is being reached. It builds and builds.
Trader 1 This is the largest single transfer of wealth I've ever seen!
Trader 7 We're like the Roman empire! We're going fucking down!
Trader 4 Let's rape this motherfucker!
Trader 5 Push it through the fucking roof!
Trader 1 Okay, okay!
Trader 2 / Do it, do it!
Everyone and everything is at fever pitch, yelling and encouraging.
A climax.
Every light in the world seems to go out.
Utter darkness everywhere. For a shade longer than is comfortable.
And then …
Nothing but the light from a small doorway.
In front of the light of the doorway, a man comes into view. It is the short, homuncular figure of Ken Lay. A suited man comes on stage and goes through the door, first shaking Lay's hand.
Arnold Schwarzenegger steps into the meeting, followed by Lay.
The door closes.
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