Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 5: Andy's Lair Of LJM

Skilling enters. Fastow is with the Raptors watching the election results roll in.
Skilling You got it on down here?
Fastow Sure. We're having a party.
Fastow turns round. He has a bottle of champagne. They all stare at the screen.
An electoral map of the United States on screen:ALABAMA: TOO CLOSE TO CALL.
Skilling Alabama too close to call?! You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Fastow Hey, it's early.
Skilling I'm going crazy with this.
Fastow Hey, they're calling my baby – !It's blue.NEW JERSEY: CALLED FOR GORE.+ 15.
Fastow Goddamn you, New Jersey. I love you, but you break my fucking heart. That's my cousins, there.
Skilling Now we got the big boys –
Fastow Lone Star! It's red.TEXAS: CALLED FOR BUSH.+ 32.
Fastow Come on!
Skilling Yeah but here goes the other side.It's blue.CALIFORNIA: CALLED FOR GORE.+ 54.
Fastow Surprise!
Skilling It's all about Florida.Beat.FLORIDA: CALLED FOR GORE.+ 25.
Fastow No.
Skilling Fuck fuck fuck.
Fastow What about Colorado, we might get Colorado.
Skilling What the fuck we want with Colorado, eight fucking votes. This is chicken shit. Game's over.
Fastow Hey, come on, we've had eight years of this shit, we'll have eight more –
Skilling No, Andy, you don't know. Clinton's been real good to us. This guy … this guy scares me.
Fastow Come on, man – scares you?! I've seen you nearly die on a quad bike just to see what it feels like to nearly die –
Skilling That's it. We're done.
Fastow Have a little faith.
Skilling Faith?! Andy, you gotta understand. I don't have any cash. I can't operate. I have no money.
Fastow (shock) You, personally?I got money – I can –
Skilling Not me personally, Andy, you prick. What, you think I'm some drinking, gambling-it-away prick can't find cash on my salary? What is it you think?!
Fastow No, no, I … We'll get through this.
Skilling Without someone friendly to us right now, we're dead.
He seems to be in pain – his stomach.
I haven't been sleeping. People need to get paid.
Fastow Pay them in stock, with our stock price –
Skilling Everyone is paid in stock. Already, that's why it can't go down
Fastow No, it can't. This whole set-up is founded on / the stock price –
Skilling I know!
Fastow Are you saying it's going down?
Skilling I'm saying it can't go / down.
Fastow That's what I'm saying.
Skilling Well don't tell me what I already / know!
Fastow I'm trying to make it work here!
Skilling Well that's your fucking job, ain't it?Beat.Sorry.
Fastow You need capital. You need cash. One, two, three?
Skilling More like four –
Fastow Four million I can find …
Skilling stares at him.
Skilling Million?! No.
Fastow You need four billion dollars? Cash?!
Skilling We're the world's most innovative company. How can we not find four/ billion dollars?!
Fastow That's not what I do. This is all … this is structured finance. This is how it looks … I can't make real money just appear.
Skilling (losing control) Then what good are you …? What fucking good is any of this to me?! Then we're going down, Andy, / and it's your –
Fastow Wait, look –Screens go red.RECOUNT: FLORIDA CALLED FOR BUSH.
Skilling What does that mean?
Fastow If you need actual capital …
Skilling But they called it for Gore.
Fastow If you need cash coming in the door, actual cash, then you need to sell something real …
Skilling I've sold everything!So, what, have we won?!
Fastow Fox says yes!
Skilling CNN says no.Screens go blue.FLORIDA RETRACTED FROM BUSH.
Fastow No!
Skilling What the fuck are they doing?
Fastow Well, they gotta decide.
Skilling What's going on out there?!
Fastow Someone has to call this.
Skilling What dumbass is running this thing?
Fastow They can't do this. If there's one thing this country won't stand for it's ambiguity.Flicking through channels.Who's won? who's / won?!
Skilling Who's won!?
Just then, Lay enters, hanging up on a phone call. He is deliberately oblivious to the strange, exaggerated world of LJM. The Raptors scuttle away.
Lay Gentlemen. Guess who's just got off a call with the next President of the United States?
Skilling Say we got a Texan in the White House.
Skilling is clutching his stomach.
Lay Like father like son.
Skilling falls to his knees with the relief.
Lay And we got ourselves a deregulated state to play with.
Fastow There's your cash!
Skilling A small state? Or …
Lay grins.
News Report The state of California has announced it's going to be the first state to implement a deregulated electricity market.
Video footage of George W. Bush being sworn in as President of the United States.
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