Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 3: Rooftop

Roe is having a last cigarette outside on the rooftop/terrace of the Enron building.
Skilling comes out.
Roe has been crying. She hastily attempts to cover any sign of her tears.
Roe Fuck you.
Roe Don't move. Don't you dare go anywhere.
Roe I WANT TO WORK HERE!Beat.This is where I work!
Roe That man had faith in me for fifteen years. I've given my life to this company. You had him come in and talk to me like I'm some thieving kid in his store.
Roe I was not fired. I resigned. You show me one part of my numbers done differently from anyone else here – you lied to get me out.
Roe Oh, really?
Roe There's rumours. Is it true Broadband and Electricity aren't bringing in any money? That Video On Demand doesn't even have the technology developed?
Roe Yes, it would.
Roe Oh, grow the fuck up. Electricity won't be deregulated! Ken's not gonna get that kid in the White House!
Roe I could have made India work! All your deals getting doneall the time, bad deals. Sign it, book it, throw it over the fence. Doesn't matter if it's a bad deal, just get the deal done.
Roe I know you.You know when you went to that college in Pennsylvania.
Roe (shakes head) When your father showed you round his old college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. You told me about it our first night. You looked out that window, saw all those abandoned steel mills, for miles. All that dead industry. That gray sky.
Roe No. That's what you're creating now.
Roe You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go home, to my beautiful children. And I'm gonna sell every single one of my shares.
She stubs her cigarette out. She leaves him.
His Daughter blows bubbles somewhere on stage.
Skilling turns to his Daughter but she has disappeared, leaving only bubbles in her wake.
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