Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 1

Fastow's lair where LJM has been fully and complexly constructed, like a large, supportive web.
Among the shadows there are strange movements going on. The Raptors scuttle about. Not entirely human sounds. In the centre, Fastow.
The tiny red box is safely put away, buried. We can see it throb. The Raptors creep eerily around in the shadows.
Skilling enters. The Raptors hide.
Two more figures emerge from the shadows: it is the Lehman Brothers.
The Lehman Brothers give Fastow the money.
The conjoined figures struggle to turn round in unison, both pulling in opposite directions. Eventually, they manage it.
Skilling nods graciously.
The Lehman Brothers slink out.
Skilling goes to explore. One of the Raptors approaches Skilling to check him out. It smells him cautiously.
He feeds one of them a dollar bill.
The Raptors gain confidence at this and play with Skilling a little.
Skilling strokes a Raptor.
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