Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 9: Party Like It's 1999

Flashes from cameras.
A media event becomes a party filled with Employees, Press and Analysts. It's a financial love-in.
Skilling is being photographed for yet another magazine cover as the dynamic CEO changing the world. The Photographer is beneath him to make him look impressive, god-like.
A Reporter interviews him.
The Reporter flirts a bit.
The stock price goes up.
Skilling is approached by Lay.
Lay Jeff, you know the Congresswoman?
Lay Anne's been very useful for us up on the Hill.
Lay That's like saying Alexander Graham Bell knew about telephones. You're meeting the guy who invented the concept.
Lay Where's our Chief Financial Officer?
Lay No harm. He's hardly the life and soul –
Lay Claudia thinks we should keep an eye on him.
Lay It wasn't my intention –
Concerned Employees approach Skilling.
Lay Of course we can, sir, of course we can. Who doesn't want movies streamed direct into their homes?
Lay I don't like that talk. That's unsupportive.
Skilling slaps the employee on the back. He turns back to the press interview.
Lay applauds. The Employees are congratulated and sheepishly proud. The stock goes up hugely. Reaction is ecstatic, like a religious cult. Skilling is messiah-like.
A huge party: absurd, luxurious, delusional, the peak of bull-market excess. Skilling shakes hands with everyone, is treated like a movie star.
Just then, Roe makes a grand entrance to the party. Never one to be outshone, she is on a Harley motorbike, dressed entirely in leather.
She shows off the back on which is stitched 'ENRON'. Whoops of celebration. She removes the helmet, revealing herself, and shakes down her hair. Everyone loves it and all attention is lavished on her.
Lay It's a very entertaining show!Fireworks are starting to go off in the distance. The party reaches a peak of excitement as everyone goes upstairs to view them and celebratory opulence.As everyone gets ushered out on to the balcony –Below:
Fastow hears/senses another presence in the lair of LJM.
Roe marshals guests into place for the countdown she will be leading. Below, during this:
Fastow goes to seek out the source of the sound. Uncanny silence. He can sense someone … but where?
Another movement from the opposite side. Fastow swings around – what the …?
Roe begins a countdown to welcome in the new millennium. Others eventually join in.
Ten!Nine!Eight!Seven!Six!Five!Below, during this:
Out of the shadows, a Raptor appears. It creeps forward, cocks its head and considers Fastow. Fastow stares back.
Roe turns on the party's big event – the lighting up of a huge neon display welcoming in the new year: 2000.
Fastow turns slowly around to see the other two Raptors have also taken corporeal form and have crept into LJM.
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