Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 8: An Unholy Partnership

Below, darkly, Fastow's lair: a dingy place at the bottom of Enron. Fastow flits happily between complex piles of paperwork, records and maybe screens.
He goes back to his calculations.
Skilling enters.
Fastow starts looking for his wallet.
Skilling makes a so-so gesture and sound.
He is looking at papers covered in complex scrawlings. Maybe they're half-screwed up.
Casually intrigued, Skilling looks through them all.
Fastow beams.
Skilling is having some pain.
He opens up a tiny fridge that's been installed somewhere in his office/lair.
They open and drink two beers.
Long pause.
He has one hand up at neck level indicating the high perception and the other he puts lower to indicate the reality.
His arms droop despondently. Fastow dives in to hold the perception hand up.
Fastow brings Skilling's lower hand up to meet his higher hand.
Skilling shakes off the foolish physical intimacy.
Fastow is excitedy scoping out the room they are standing in.
He walks around clearing the area to make the three per cent clear.
He opens up the shoebox.
Out of the shoebox he produces a matchbox.
He opens the matchbox and takes out a tiny red, glowing box.
He holds it up. The men are bathed in it like some totem from an Indiana Jones film.
The tiny box glows red and throbs.
Arthur Andersen appears to one side. He has a ventriloquist's dummy, Little Arthur.
A different voice from his mouth:
Arthur Andersen's dummy's eyes flit wildly.
The law firm of Ramsay and Hewitt appears to their other side: one male, one female. They appear as 'Justice'; blindfolded, with sword and scales.
And then, revealed on the level above Skilling and Fastow, the Board appear. The Board is made up of shadowy, dark, imposing figures with the heads of mice, and, in the centre, Ken Lay.
The Board briefly consult.
Fastow is delighted at this.
He signs papers in front of him.
The Board, Arthur Andersen and Hewitt and Ramsay disappear. Fastow and Skilling hug in the centre of the circle.
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