Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 7: Skilling's Office

Skilling is watching the financial news.
Skilling turns the sound down on the television.
Skilling nods.
She waits for him to say it.
She nods. Beat.
She uses this as an excuse to look into his eyes.
She's deliberately close to his face. She puts her hands on his face.
Beat. Skilling closes his eyes. He leans in.
Just then, over her shoulder, Skilling spots a massive graphic flash up on the screen showing the financial news – 'ENRON!'
Skilling spins around. Once he sees what she's referring to, he's just as excited as Roe. They both scrabble for the volume control. One gets there first and turns it up.
Analyst It sure is, Gayle. That's why we're naming them our Must Buy of the Week!
Analyst Yeah, yeah – they're unstoppable. They're the light of the new economy. I mean, I'd rate them, right now, at being worth sixty billion dollars.
Analyst He sure is!
Skilling reacts to his name.
She makes to leave.
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