Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 5: Trimming The Fat

The sound of motorbikes revving, screeching brakes, the hum of manly pursuits.
Split scene.
Below: Enron gym. Skilling is on a running machine, in sports clothes. He's pushing himself and relishing the physical challenge.
Above: Ken Lay's office. Lay and Roe are meeting.
Below: Fastow enters the gym with trepidation in a suit.
He gestures to the running machine beside him. Fastow, nervous, takes off his shoes and jacket and gets on the machine.
Skilling immediately ups it to a run for Fastow.
He can't help smiling a little. He ups Fastow's speed. Fastow tries to keep up.
He ups Fastow's speed again.
Fastow redoubles his efforts.
Lay Come on now, Claudia.
Lay I don't like this fighting. This is a family!
Lay He could learn something from you in charm, I'll give you that.
Lay It's the bottom ten per cent.
Lay It's a strategy! Gimme a break, Claudia, you gotta be nice to me today. It's my birthday.
Lay Fact I got a card from an old friend's son.
He passes it to Roe.
Lay He ain't got the manners of his daddy. But I think we got a shot at the White House with him. Stick around, it's gonna get interesting.
Skilling presses the stop button on Fastow's running machine, hurling the younger man from his treadmill.
Fastow regains his balance and composure as Skilling calmly slows his own speed.
An exhausted Fastow agrees physically while he pants.
Lay What is it you want?
Lay India? Nobody's in India.
Lay 'One power plant!'
Lay Okay, let's get you your power plant.
Lay I understand your concerns about Jeff. But look, we got the stock analysts coming in today to rate the company. Let's see what Jeff Skilling means for the share price.
As Lay says 'share price' the share price is revealed; a figurative representation of the company's worth, represented by light somewhere on stage.
An Analyst enters and speaks to us.
The analysts are Sheryl Sloman of Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank. All follow Skilling, enraptured.
As he walks around the space, various Employees approach Skilling with contracts for him to approve and sign. He smoothly signs though barely looks at them, treating them like autographs.
The Analysts line up and face the audience.
Citigroup Analyst, after a drum roll, reveals her verdict:
The stock goes up.
The stock goes up.
The stock goes up.
It's reached half of its full height. Skilling looks genuinely touched by this.
The Analysts become a barbershop quartet and sing.
The Analysts parade off.
He's delighted by his power and effect. Grinning at the recognition and level of belief.
Lay comes down and approaches his protégé.
Lay I got something for you, golden boy.
He hands Skilling a fifty-dollar bill.
Lay I'm handing out fifty-dollar bills to every employee I see. My money. This is the first time we've hit a fifty-dollar share price.
Lay Yeah. Going to visit the kids.
Lay Time with the family. That's important.
Lay I'm stopping off in Washington. Bill and I are playing a little golf. I'll pretend I don't see him switching the balls in the rough.
Lay Relax, will ya? These things take time.
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