Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 4: An Orgy Of Speculation

Magical music.
Above us somewhere there is a twinkle of gold. And then another of silver somewhere else. And then more – commodities like stars in the sky.
The sound of singing, each their own different song. It builds to an atonal babble of commodity prices and bids. It's a musical cacophony of the trading floor. Over time, the voices all conjoin to meet in a pure, single note. It is beautiful.
The gold glints somewhere in the auditorium.
The voices and notes become an atonal mess again. Eventually blending to everyone singing a single note and price.
A shimmer from aluminum.
And again the clamour builds up before finding a commodity value in one distinct harmony.
They split again into babble.
This empty, beautiful purity in Skilling's head is interrupted by the reality of the Traders' arrival.
The Traders flood the stage. The stock price rises.
The chaos, the physicality, the aggression and shouting of a trading floor. This simmers to doing deals, buzzing on phones and computers making money. Overlap is fine.
A melee of sound and trading and speculation into –
Trader 5 whistles the loss.
Suddenly, Fastow enters, all smooth self-importance. All the Traders react mockingly.
One of the Traders makes a 'whoo' noise.
Fastow goes for Trader 2, physically. He gets right in his face, aggressively.
Fastow touches him.
Trader 2 shoves Fastow, who squares right up to him, fearless.
He moves in to break it up.
Fastow is pulled away.
Fastow watches, pleased. Trader 2 reaches into his pockets and doles out a whole heap of bills on the floor.
Trader 2 swings around and hits Fastow, who, not expecting this, scrambles out of the way into other Traders, who all take a pop at him. Other Traders mock and physically berate him. One shows him his penis.
As Fastow beats a hasty retreat he tries to maintain some dignity.
He exits.
The bell rings for end of trading.
Improvisation of trading at its highest pitch.
Market closes.
Trader 1 is delighted, sweating, filled with testosterone and joy.
Lights of commodity prices over the faces of all the Traders, a sea of figures.
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