Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 2: Afterparty

In a corporate boardroom, high up, Skilling and Roe finish having clothed, quick sex.
Roe I've been thinking about mark-to-market.
He is doing his trousers up. Roe is pulling down her skirt and straightening herself.
Roe Essentially, we are deciding what our own future profits will be.
Roe All I said is, we get to decide the profits. Why would that be anything but a good thing?
Roe Spiky.Look at you! Look at your face!
Roe You just changed is all.
Roe I'll bet you were a real serious kid. My oldest is like that.
Roe You know, I read that it's better to hire people who were bullied at school. Cos, you know, they want it more. They've got inbuilt competition.
Roe You thought you were special.
Roe Oooh! 'Whatever.'
Roe (laughs) Not here.
They look out of a window over Houston.
Roe Before the market opens. The world waiting.
Roe Ohh! Ken told you.
Roe Yeah. I like how you bring it up after you screwed me …
Roe I'm not gonna break that confidence. But if you think when I'm president, you're getting special favours –
Roe Shit.
Roe You said you knew!
Roe You are a real son of a … I can't / believe –
Roe Oh my God!
Roe Do I need to feel guilty?
Roe I can't be the cause of a marriage break up –
Roe We've only had sex three times.
Roe Yes, Rich is leaving. And I had sex with you three times.
Roe One, South America. Two, after the SEC announce- / ment. Three –
Roe How are you defining sex?
Roe We didn't have penetrative sex on the Enron jet! We fooled around. I went down on you.
Roe Oh my God, well if you want to throw that in …!
Roe When did Susan leave?
Roe That's none of your business. When did your wife leave?
Roe I hope I'm irrelevant.
Roe Good.
Roe Come on, how old are you?!
Roe Yeah.
Roe Stop it. You're Harvard, you're McKinsey, you're running a whole division. You're just having a mid-life / (crisis).
Roe Don't talk that way.
Roe I think most acts of depravity too.Look, don't get all … I'm sure you've got ideas. I'll talk to Ken –
Roe smiles.
Roe And you're a godless atheist.
Roe It is nice.
She picks up her underwear and puts it in her handbag.
You gonna go home?
Skilling shakes his head.
She eyes him.
Roe As an addendum, can I just say, previously you had an incentive equal, I believe, to mine for not disclosing this. I'd like to stress that this and the other three occasions, or four if you're gonna be a high-school girl about it, are not to be discussed or recounted at any future date. And it will not be happening again.
Roe You got a Kleenex? I appear to be running.
Skilling gets a tissue out of his pocket. Roe takes it and gently wipes all the way up her inner leg, wiping off the ejaculate that has run down her thigh.
She tosses the Kleenex away deliberately casually and confidently strides from the office.
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