DOI: 10.5040/9781580818070.01

Duration: 2:11:45

  • 001- Intro.mp3 0:01:01
  • 002-Prologue.mp3 0:03:06
  • 003-Act One, Scene I.1.mp3 0:15:06
  • 004-Act One ,Scene I.2.mp3 0:06:22
  • 005-Act One, Scene I.3.mp3 0:03:09
  • 006-Act One, Scene I.3a.mp3 0:00:06
  • 007-Act One, Scene I.4.mp3 0:01:12
  • 008-Act One, Scene I.5.mp3 0:02:17
  • 009-Act One, Scene I.6.mp3 0:02:02
  • 010-Act One, Scene I.7.mp3 0:07:55
  • 011-Act One, Scene I.8.mp3 0:05:33
  • 012-Act One, Scene I.9.mp3 0:03:02
  • 013-Act One, Scene I.10.mp3 0:05:40
  • 014-Act Two, Scene II.1.mp3 0:07:30
  • 015-Act Two, Scene II.2.mp3 0:09:11
  • 016-Act Two, Scene II.3.mp3 0:03:54
  • 017-Act Two, Scene II.4.mp3 0:01:16
  • 018-Act Two, Scene II.5.mp3 0:08:14
  • 019-Act Two, Scene II.6.mp3 0:04:17
  • 020-Act Two, Scene II.7.mp3 0:08:12
  • 021-Credits.mp3 0:01:40
  • 022-Interview with Robert John Russell.mp3 0:31:00

In Deborah Zoe Laufer's End Days, a suburban family is undergoing a spiritual crisis following the September 11th attacks. Sylvia Stein has turned to Christianity to save her disaffected husband Arthur and her rebellious teenage daughter Rachel. But as Sylvia races around preparing for the Rapture, Rachel is learning that there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in her philosophy.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring:

Josh Clark as Jesus and Stephen Hawking

Shannon Cochran as Sylvia Stein

Dane DeHaan as Nelson Steinberg

Arye Gross as Arthur Stein

Kenneth Houston as the Bully

Kate Rylie as Rachel Stein

Directed by Michael Hacket. Recorded at The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood in 2010.

End Days is part of L.A. Theatre Works’ Relativity Series featuring science-themed plays. Major funding for the Relativity Series is provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to enhance public understanding of science and technology in the modern world.

Featuring: Josh Clark, Shannon Cochran, Dane DeHaan, Arye Gross, Kenneth Houston, Kate Rylie

From End Days


LA Theatre Works

Deborah Zoe Laufer

ISBN: 9781580818070

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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