DOI: 10.5040/9781580814393.01

Duration: 1:19:35

  • 001-Introduction.mp3 0:00:53
  • 002-Part One, Scene 1.mp3 0:02:52
  • 003-Part One, Scene 2.mp3 0:07:24
  • 004-part One, Scene 3.mp3 0:04:19
  • 005-Part One, Scene 4.mp3 0:12:29
  • 006-Part Two, Scene 1.mp3 0:08:56
  • 007-Part Two, Scene 2.mp3 0:07:55
  • 008-Part Two, Scene 3.mp3 0:03:34
  • 009-Part Two, Scene 4.mp3 0:03:14
  • 010-Part Three, Scene 1.mp3 0:05:31
  • 011-Part Three, Scene 2.mp3 0:07:25
  • 012-Part Three, Scene 3.mp3 0:04:03
  • 013-Part Three, Scene 4.mp3 0:09:54
  • 014-Credits.mp3 0:01:06

Eugene O’ Neill’s tale of Ephraim Cabot, greedy and hard like the stone walls that surround his farm, the family patriarch brings home his new young bride, Abbie. His grown sons disapprove; one leaves but the other stays to fight for the family fortune. What follows is a tragedy of epic proportions.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Paul Adelstein, Orson Bean, Amy Brenneman, Dwier Brown, Maurice Chasse and Charlie Kimball.

Featuring: Paul Adelstein, Orson Bean, Amy Brenneman, Dwier Brown, Maurice Chasse, Charlie Kimball

From Desire Under the Elms


LA Theatre Works

Eugene O'Neill

ISBN: 9781580814393

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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