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Owen McCafferty's Days of Wine and Roses is a free adaptation of JP Miller's screenplay of the same name for a 1962 film directed by Blake Edwards. (Miller adapted the screenplay from his earlier teleplay for a 1958 episode of US television drama anthology series Playhouse 90, also called Days of Wine and Roses.)

McCafferty's version is a two-hander about a young couple from Belfast trying to make a new start in 1960s London, but succumbing to alcoholism. It was first performed at the Donmar Warehouse, London, on 17 February 2005.

The play's action takes place between 1962 and 1970. In the opening scene, Donal meets Mona in the departure lounge at Belfast Airport. Both are leaving to start a new life in London, but when teetotal Mona takes a sip from Donal's hipflask, their fates are sealed. As they marry and have a son, their London lives prosper. But, gradually, drink turns from a source of celebration into a ruinous nightly drug. And, while Donal shows the will to survive, Mona is on a doomed, downward spiral.

The title was taken by JP Miller from an 1896 poem 'Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam' by Ernest Dowson, which contains the line 'They are not long, the days of wine and roses'.

The Donmar premiere was directed by Peter Gill and designed by Alison Chitty, with Anne-Marie Duff as Mona and Peter McDonald as Donal.

From Days of Wine and Roses (stage version)


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Owen McCafferty

ISBN: 9781854598585

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