DOI: 10.5040/9781350999053.01

Duration: 2:06:27

  • Consent 2:06:27

Age recommendation: 15+ (references to rape)

This archive recording was captured on 9th May, 2017.

Why is Justice blind? Is she impartial? Or is she blinkered? Friends take opposing briefs in a rape case. The key witness is a woman whose life seems a world away from theirs. At home, their own lives begin to unravel as every version of the truth is challenged.

Nina Raine’s powerful, painful, funny play sifts the evidence from every side and puts justice herself in the dock.

Consent received its world premiere in a co-production with Out of Joint at the National Theatre in April 2017.

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Jake: Adam James
Kitty: Anna Maxwell Martin
Edward: Ben Chaplin
Tim: Pip Carter
Gayle: Heather Craney
Zara: Daisy Haggard
Rachel: Priyanga Burford

Director: Roger Michell
Writer: Nina Raine
Music: Kate Whitely
Lighting Designer: Rick Fisher
Sound Designer: John Leonard
Costume Designer: Dinah Collin
Set Designer: Hildegard Bechtler

From Consent


National Theatre

Nina Raine

ISBN: 9781350999053

Series: National Theatre Collection