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Jack Thorne's Bunny is a coming-of-age drama for a solo female performer that tackles teenage sexuality, racism and gang culture. It was first produced by nabokov and Escalator East to Edinburgh in association with Watford Palace Theatre and Mercury Theatre, Colchester, at Underbelly Cowgate at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, on 5 August 2010.

The play's action is narrated by eighteen-year-old Katie, an ordinary girl from Luton who plays clarinet in the orchestra and is applying for a place at university. When her boyfriend Abe, a black 24 year old, gets involved in a violent street altercation following a perceived racial slight, the situation escalates alarmingly. Katie finds herself in a car riding across the city as Abe and his mates Jake and Asif attempt a revenge attack. Amidst the baying for blood and the longing for love and excitement, Katie is forced to decide her future.

In his introduction to Jack Thorne Plays: One (Nick Hern Books, 2014), Thorne writes: 'Bunny is my love note to Luton [where he lived for a number of years]. ... My local Post Office was run by a Pakistani gentleman, and twice I was standing in the queue behind two different young kids, looking quite confused about life, wearing English Defence League tops. The strange thing is, both were polite to the Pakistani shopkeeper, and he was polite back. I wanted to tell a story about that racial complication. How it’s not about race per se, but something much more intricate than that.'

The premiere production was directed by Joe Murphy and designed by Hannah Clark. It was performed by Rosie Wyatt, and featured projected line drawings by Jenny Turner (reproduced in the playtext). The production won a Fringe First Award and subsequently toured the UK from June 2011 before a run at Soho Theatre, London, in October 2011.

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Jack Thorne

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