DOI: 10.5040/9781784604110.00000002
Scenes: 5. Roles: Male (3) , Female (3) , Neutral (0)

Stuart Slade's play BU21 is about six young people caught in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the heart of London.

It was first performed at Theatre503, London, in association with Kuleshov, on 15 March 2016, and transferred to the Trafalgar Studios, London, on 11 January 2017 (previews from 4 January).

The play is structured as a series of interlocking monologues, with occasional sequences of dialogue between the characters. The monologues are presented in 'verbatim' style, as six members of a survivors’ group relive their reaction to an attack in which a passenger plane has been brought down over Fulham, southwest London, by a surface-to-air missile. As they relate their individual experiences, links begin to emerge between the characters. Alex, an arrogant banker whose girlfriend has died in the disaster, hooks up with Izzy, who has lost her mother. Floss, a posh student, is linked by unusual circumstances to Clive, a devout Muslim whose cardiologist dad died in the crash. Roxana, a Romanian with severe burns, secretly despises Graham, a bigoted van driver who profits from his eyewitness account of the event. The play explores the different and often surprising ways they try to cope with their traumatic experiences.

The character names in the published script are those of the actors who played them in the first production. An author's note alongside the list of characters states that, 'In performance, actors’ real names should replace these character names wherever possible'.

The first production of BU21 was directed by Dan Pick and designed by Alex Doidge-Green. It was performed by Alex Forsyth, Roxana Lupu, Clive Keene, Florence Roberts, Graham O’Mara and Isabella Laughland.

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