DOI: 10.5040/9781580814218.01

Duration: 1:48:32

  • 01-Introduction.mp3 0:00:53
  • 02-Act One, Scene 1.mp3 0:19:58
  • 03-Act One, Scene 2.mp3 0:09:47
  • 04-Act One, Scene 3.mp3 0:06:05
  • 05-Act One, Scene 4.mp3 0:04:02
  • 06-Act One, Scene 5.mp3 0:09:09
  • 07-Act One, Scene 6.mp3 0:11:54
  • 08-Act Two, Scene 1.mp3 0:02:36
  • 09-Act Two, Scene 2.mp3 0:16:00
  • 10-Act Two, Scene 3.mp3 0:02:41
  • 11-Act Two, Scene 4.mp3 0:03:18
  • 12-Act Two, Scene 5.mp3 0:15:19
  • 13-Credits.mp3 0:00:34
  • 14-Interview with Dr. David D. Clarke.mp3 0:06:16

Set in 1938 Brooklyn, this gripping psychological mystery begins when attractive, level-headed Sylvia Gellburg suddenly loses her ability to walk. The only clue lies in Sylvia’s obsession with news accounts from Germany. Though safe in Brooklyn, Sylvia is terrified by Nazi violence - or is it something closer to home? A Laurence Olivier Award Winnder for Best New Play.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Jane Brucker, David Dukes, Lawrence Pressman, Linda Purl, John Vickery and JoBeth Williams.

Featuring: Jane Brucker, David Dukes, Lawrence Pressman, Linda Purl, John Vickery, JoBeth Williams

From Broken Glass


LA Theatre Works

Arthur Miller

ISBN: 9781580814218

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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