Aristophanes translated by Kenneth McLeish

DOI: 10.5040/9781472503756.00000015
Roles: Male (24) , Female (1) , Neutral (0)

Tired of the unending wittering of Athenian lawmen, Euelpides and Peithetairos flee the city with their trusty feathered companions. However, their hoped for exile begins with getting lost, and the play opens with them crowing and pecking at one another with all the fury of the most terminally bird-brained democrat.

Which is when they meet 'his Hoopoeness', the once king Tereus, whom they convince to take them up to a new city, high above the base and grounded demos, burying the age-old animosity between birds and men and, ultimately, challenging the mighty Zeus for the top spot in the sky.

Full of the most bawdy of Aristophanes' jokes, and rife with the exasperated cynicism typical of the early satirist of the earliest democracy, Birds is translated in all its irreverent glory by Kenneth McLeish.

From Six Classical Greek Comedies


Bloomsbury Publishing

Aristophanes translated by Kenneth McLeish

ISBN: 9780413771308

Series: Classical Dramatists

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