Antigone (NT)

Sophocles adapted by Don Taylor

DOI: 10.5040/9781350997684.01

Duration: 1:45:43

  • 01 Antigone 1:31:20
  • 02 The Chorus 0:06:15
  • 03 Heightened Language 0:04:50
  • 04 Religion and Modern Context 0:03:18

Age recommendation: 15+ (some strong, bloody images)

This archive recording was captured on 4th July, 2012.

In the unstable aftermath of a civil war, Creon, the new King of Thebes, asserts his authority by forbidding anyone from honouring the death of the traitor Polyneices. But Antigone, Polyneices' sister, will not obey.

When Creon's authority is challenged, a gripping conflict emerges between the power of an individual and the state.

Polly Findlay's electric 2012 production brings Sophocles' tragedy into the modern world as a gripping political thriller.

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Antigone: Jodie Whittaker
Ismene: Annabel Scholey
Chorus: Paul Bentall
Chorus: Martin Chamberlain
Chorus: Jason Cheater
Chorus: Stavros Demetraki
Chorus: Paul Dodds
Chorus: Craige Els
Chorus: Michael Grady-Hall
Chorus: Tim Samuels
Chorus: Ross Waiton
Chorus: Alfred Enoch
Creon, King of Thebes: Christopher Eccleston
Teiresias, a blind prophet: Jamie Ballard
Messenger: Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Eurydice, Creon's Wife: Zoë Aldrich
Soldier: Luke Norris
Haemon: Luke Newberry
Boy: Trevor Imani
Boy: Reuben Pearce
Boy: Daniel Walsh
Ensemble: Jo Dockery
Ensemble: Emily Glenister
Music Director / Percussion: Philip Hopkins
Percussion: Joji Hirota
Woodwind: Tom Lessels

Director: Polly Findlay
Writer: Don Taylor
Designer: Soutra Gilmour
Lighting Designer: Mark Henderson
Fight Director: Bret Yount
Movement Director: Aline David
Music and Sound Designer: Dan Jones
Video and Projection Designer: Dick Straker

From Antigone


National Theatre

Sophocles adapted by Don Taylor

ISBN: 9781350997684

Series: National Theatre Collection