Caroline drama was the English drama written and performed during the reign of Charles I (1625–49). Several of the so-called decadent playwrights of the Jacobean Drama continued to write into the new reign, notably John Ford, who produced such bloody tragedies as ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore (1627). James Shirley wrote both tragedies and comedies of manners, the latter including The Lady of Pleasure (1635), while Richard Brome, another Jacobean, contributed such comedies as A Jovial Crew (1641). The veteran dramatist Thomas Heywood had by this time settled down as the writer of pageants for the Lord Mayor’s Show. Caroline drama is particularly noted for its pastorals and elaborate court masques. Charles I and Henrietta Maria sometimes danced and participated in these royal entertainments. Chloridia, the last collaboration between Ben Jonson and Inigo Jones was staged in 1631. There was little theatrical activity outside London during Charles’s reign, although Milton’s masque Comus was presented at Ludlow Castle in 1634. The theatres were closed by the Puritans in 1642

from Jonathan Law ed., The Methuen Drama Dictionary of the Theatre (London, 2011).