The Cordelia Dream

Faber and Faber
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Haunted by her dream of Cordelia and Lear, a woman confronts an elderly man, her lifelong antagonist and rival. During their passionate altercation he dismisses her success as a composer and demands she make the ultimate sacrifice: for him to flourish she, his protégée, must be silent.

Five years later, she returns for a final and devastating encounter.

Marina Carr's The Cordelia Dream premiered in December 2008 at Wilton's Music Hall, London, in a production by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Country Music

Bloomsbury Publishing
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Country Music is a dramatic play about love, crime and possibly redemption, with a purity of structure that gives it great emotional force.

The play dips in and out of the life of Jamie Carris over twenty years, showing him meeting with his girlfriend, his half-brother and his daughter. It is also the story of his crime – his flight, his time in prison and his attempt to find his way in the world once he is released. Jamie commits a crime, an act of vengeance which is the terrible pivot of the play’s action, but Stephens focuses not on his violence but on his relationships and his humanity.

Stephens was inspired to write the play after leading theatre workshops in prisons, and his delicacy and empathy are visible in this simple and immensely powerful play.

Country Music premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 2004.


Playwrights Canada Press
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A play in two acts, Healey introduces two sets of characters. In the first, a lawyer and his partner seek a civil ceremony, but are stopped when the officiant won't perform a homosexual marriage because tenets of his religious beliefs won't allow it. But tensions only mount when they learn that the officiant himself is openly gay. In the second act, a young couple decide to marry to secure a family for their unborn child, despite their poor financial situation. Facing eviction, the husband – a young Aboriginal man – meets his new neighbour, a refugee from Somalia, and they become fast friends. As the young couple finds happiness, prosperity and friendship, their competing civil rights tears that friendship apart. Nominated for the 2010 Governor General's Literary Award for Drama

A Cradle  

Bloomsbury Publishing
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Depicts a group of semi-allegorical characters trapped in a Doomsday environment of chocking dust and roofs collapsing from bombing where the carpenter protagonist divides his work between cradles and coffins and the most articulate voice is that of a madman.  

audio The Credeaux Canvas

LA Theatre Works
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Ah, to be young, gifted, and broke! Three struggling artists swindle an art collector in Keith Bunin’s critically acclaimed play. Exploring a complex labyrinth of love, friendship and true intimacy with moon-washed delicacy, Bunin’s deft dialogue drives this beautifully constructed play to its soul-shattering climax.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance starring Hilary Swank, Chad Lowe, Shirley Knight and Jeremy Sisto.

Featuring: Hilary Swank, Chad Lowe, Shirley Knight, Jeremy Sisto

Credible Witness

Faber and Faber
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A young man flees to a distant land and vanishes. His mother follows, certain she will find him, but in this unfamiliar place all certainties seem to crumble. In this story of love and loss, Wertenbaker explores passions simmering in contemporary Britain: the longing for identity, the despair of fragmentation and the fragile hopes of lives redefined.

Credible Witness premiered at the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs of the Royal Court, London, 2001

Creditors (trans. Greig)

Faber and Faber
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Anxiously awaiting the return of his new wife, Adolph finds solace in the words of a stranger. But comfort soon turns to destruction as old wounds are opened, insecurities are laid bare and former debts are settled.

Regarded as Strindberg's most mature work, Creditors is a darkly comic tale of obsession, honour and revenge. David Greig's version premiered at the Donmar Warehouse, London, in September 2008.

The Crime of the Twenty-First Century

Bloomsbury Publishing
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Elemental, stark and with a ruthless logic, The Crime of the Twenty-First Century is a play about a devastated, desperate world. A woman lives in a desert of white rubble, sustained by the only working tap in a flattened and deserted landscape. A tiny group of people come to her seeking water – an old man, a young escaped prisoner, and a furious young woman. Searching for somewhere to hide, instead they are exposed to the deepest questions of human drama.The Crime of the Twenty-First Century is a stunning play about the possibility of society and the inevitable momentum of violence. The dialogue is angular and tortured; the play is heavy with the great pain of a destructive world.

Bond’s play was first performed in 2001 at Le Théâtre National de la Colline in Paris. It is the second play in his The Paris Pentad (originally called The Colline Tetralogy), preceded by Coffee and followed by Born, People and Innocence.

Crocodile Seeking Refuge

Aurora Metro Books
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This play tells the stories of five individuals seeking asylum in the UK: Zakariya from Darfur; Destin from the Republic of Congo; Jalal from Iraq; Parvaneh from Iran and Marie-Elena from Colombia. Each has been forced to flee their homeland in the face of death, each is haunted in a different way by the past. Finding themselves in situations that veer between the comic and the tragic, they try to make sense of the British way of life. “Scars are like medals. They show we have taken part in the life.” Inspired by the real-life testimony of people who have sought refuge in the UK, Crocodile Seeking Refuge is an incisive look at the asylum stories behind the headlines.

In 1997 Sonja Linden set up the Write to Life Project at the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, a creative and testimonial writing programme to enable survivors of torture and persecution to process their ‘heart of darkness’ experiences through the medium of writing. Real-life testimony therefore was the catalyst for Crocodile Seeking Refuge. Working with five individuals as part of the Write to Life project, the play was developed for three years. Pierre Junior N’Khiembet, a torture victim from the Republic of Congo, whose treatment in this country was a major, traumatising factor. Nasrin Parvaz from Iran, Doctor Qasim Albrisem from Iraq, Aziz Idris and later Sharif Barko from Sudan and Maritza Jubelly from Colombia. Many of the encounters in the final version of the play have been invented, but the back stories of what happened to each of the five characters and how they have been treated by the British asylum system are entirely accurate.

Crown Prince

Bloomsbury Publishing
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'I have lived and worked in Hull and East Yorkshire since 1984 and it is well known for many things, not all of them laudable, but what is perhaps less well known is that region is incredibly flat and would be vulnerable to flooding should the ice-caps melt at any significant rate'.

John Godber's satirical play takes a look at what will happen when climate change finally tightens its grip on the lowlands. Set on the pitches of the rundown Beech Hill Bowling club, we watch across a period of twenty years as the environment disintegrates, and the Yorkshire landscape, both physical and social, is irreparably altered.

Crown Prince was first performed by Hull Truck Theatre Company in May 2007 at Spring Street Theatre, Hull.