Actor Training on Drama Online

Drama Online features a variety of resources and materials that will enhance any acting program.

Physical Actor Training – an online A-Z

PATAZ, Physical Actor Training – an online A-Z, features over 60 films to help students, teachers and theatre-makers improve their practical skills and understanding. Geared towards movement work, the films explore voice, dance-theatre, physical theatre, and cover topics such as Floorwork, Improvisation, Push/Pull, Release, and more.

Critical Studies and Performance Practice

The Theatre Craft section of the Critical Studies and Performance Practice collection features over 80 eBooks on theatre craft.

Highlights include:

  • The Alexander Technique for Musicians by Judith Kleinman and Peter Buckoke
  • Mastering the Shakespeare Audition by Donna Soto-Morettini
  • Theatre Games by Clive Barker
  • Shakespeare in the Present with Patsy Rodenburg

    A six-hour masterclass with acclaimed master acting teaching Patsy Rodenburg, exploring her unique approach to voice and acting and her highly sought-after techniques and exercises in Movement, Speech, Body, and Vocal Warmup.

    Steven Berkoff’s Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains

    In a compelling film, theatre-practitioner Steven Berkoff brings a host of Shakespeare’s most famous characters vividly to life, ideal for students of Shakespeare and performance.