PATAZ: Physical Actor Training – an online A-Z

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PATAZ: Physical Actor Training – an online A-Z establishes a foundation for physical training exercises through over 60 dynamic videos with accompanying audio commentary, reflection, and texts for today’s physical actor, teacher, and trainer. Using innovative camera work and editing processes, each film explores a term from our A-Z, ranging from specific skills like Grounding and Balance to more abstract concepts like Energy or Craft. See for yourself with a sneak peak of AwarenessBreath, the Fundamentals, and Stillness

The A-Z encourages enquiry and an active, hands-on training process geared toward movement work, vocal exploration, dance-theatre, and physical training. Each exercise can be explored and experienced in myriad ways by an individual or group.

Learn how physical acting can overcome and shed new light on language barriers and cultural differences in this article from PATAZ trainer Frank Camilleri, read the 10 lessons learned from PATAZ from actor trainer Paul Allain and actor Olaf Leiros, and learn what happens when actor meets camera in an interview between PATAZ filmmaker Stacie Lee Bennett and PATAZ trainer Mara Morgantti-Minchillo.

PATAZ is available as part of the Critical Studies and Performance Practice collection on Drama Online. 

Great for:

  • Physical acting classes and workshops
  • Specific skills acquisition, with films on Articulation, Floorwork, Jumping, Resonance and Movement
  • Acrobatics and learning how to safely Warm up, Cool down, and work with partners and your own body
  • Fun, engaging exercises for actors of all skill levels
  • Strengthening group Dynamics
  • Developing essential Fundamentals, as well as overlooked skills such as Stillness and Flow
  • Reflection, through films that encourage dialogue, creativity, and exploration
  • Play, through films like Improvisation, and new ways of thinking about acting, such as Images

Ideas for teachers and students:

  • As a group, choose an A-Z term and discuss what it means, how to approach the concept, and where it can lead to next
  • Take one or two terms and practise them in the studio; then create your own
  • Record yourself or a colleague with a phone or tablet camera from a new angle and see what you discover
  • See the ‘Ways to Play with the A-Z Terms’ film

About PATAZ:

Physical Actor Training – an online A-Z is a digital resource created by actor trainers Paul Allain and Frank Camilleri with filmmakers Peter Hulton and Stacie Lee Bennett, and trainees from the University of Kent. PATAZ prioritizes movement, voice, and the body rather than character or text-based approaches to making performance and preparing the actor. For students, practitioners and teachers, the A-Z works across film, text, audio and image.

The A-Z resource includes the trainee voice, showing the learning process, highlighting challenges and how to work with them. Innovative approaches to filming reveal the exploratory use of digital tools in a studio environment. The A-Z provides viewers with a foundational resource from which to build.

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