Twelfth Night

Graham Atkin

DOI: 10.5040/9781472555540

ISBN: 9780826495419

The characters of Twelfth Night are both memorable and engaging and it is through their funny, and at times bitter, interplay that we experience the peculiar world of Shakespeare's Illyria. This study begins with a introduction to the concept of "characters" on the early-modern stage before proceeding to a textual analysis of each of the main characters in the play, looking at how what they say and do, and what is said about them, creates the illusion of "character". Each chapter also contains a brief account of key performances by actors on stage and in film.

"Each book in the 'Character Studies' series edited by Ashley Chantler is a recommended pick for high school and college-level libraries alike, providing fine literary analysis through concept of character which makes this an excellent choice for drama as well as literary students." -Midwest Book Review

'Great starting points for first-timers, and food for thought for familiars.' - Will Sharpe, The Shakespeare Bookshop Newsletter

mention in Bibliotheque d'Humanisme et Renaissance, Tome LXXII (2010)