Twelfth Night: A Critical Reader

edited by Alison Findlay and Liz Oakley-Brown

DOI: 10.5040/9781780937618

ISBN: 9781472503299

Twelfth Night is the most mature and fully developed of Shakespeare's comedies and, as well as being one of his most popular plays, represents a crucial moment in the development of his art. Assembled by leading scholars, this guide provides a comprehensive survey of major issues in the contemporary study of the play.

Throughout the book chapters explore such issues as the play's critical reception from John Manningham's account of one of its first performances to major current comentators like Stephen Greenblatt; the performance history of the play, from Shakespeare's day to the present and key themes in current scholarship, from issues of gender and sexuality to the study of comedy and song.

Twelfth Night: A Critical Guide also includes a complete guide to resources available on the play - including critical editions, online resources and an annotated bibliography - and how they might be used to aid both the teaching and study of Shakespeare's enduring comedy.

'A teacher will find this little book, which brings together old and new thinking about Shakespeare's 'most perfect comedy', a godsend ... the multifarious productions and the disagreements among experts so eloquently canvassed in this collection testify to Twelfth Night's continuing inspirational vitality into the twenty-first century.' Parergon - Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, volume 31.2