Theatre and Cognitive Neuroscience

edited by Clelia Falletti , Gabriele Sofia and Victor Jacono

DOI: 10.5040/9781472584816

ISBN: 9781350035591

This is the first volume to provide a detailed introduction to some of the main areas of research and practice in the interdisciplinary field of art and neuroscience. With contributions from neuroscientists, theatre scholars and artists from seven countries, it offers a rich and rigorous array of perspectives as a springboard to further exploration. Divided into four parts, each prefaced by an expert editorial introduction, it examines:

* Theatre as a space of relationships: a neurocognitive perspective

* The spectator's performative experience and 'embodied theatrology'

* The complexity of theatre and human cognition

* Interdisciplinary perspectives on applied performance

Each part includes contributions from international pioneers of interdisciplinarity in theatre scholarship, and from neuroscientists of world-renown researching the physiology of action, the mirror neuron mechanism, action perception, space perception, empathy and intersubjectivity.

While illustrating the remarkable growth of interest in the performing arts for cognitive neuroscience, this volume also reveals the extraordinary richness of exchange and debate born out of different approaches to the topics.

'A key strength of the book lies in the diversity of its perspectives ... The book makes a significant contribution to this field of study, particularly since there is arguably a lacuna when it comes to the featuring of theatre ... in scientific publications ... Its speciality is its multifaceted perspective.' South African Theatre Journal

'The essays provide a range of information, applications, and insights from the intersections of science and performance.' Theatre Journal