The Theatre of David Greig

Clare Wallace

DOI: 10.5040/9781408166451

ISBN: 9781408157398

David Greig has been described as 'one of the most interesting and adventurous British dramatists of his generation' (Daily Telegraph) and 'one of the most intellectually stimulating dramatists around' (Guardian). Since he began writing for theatre in the early nineties, his work has been both copious and remarkably varied, defying neat generalisations or attempts to pigeon-hole his work. Besides his original plays, he has adapated classics, is co-founder of the Suspect Culture Theatre Group and is currently Dramaturge for the National Theatre of Scotland.

This Critical Companion provides an analytical survey of his work, from his early plays such as Europe and The Architect through to more recent works Damascus, Dunsinane and Ramallah; it also considers the plays produced with Suspect Culture and his work for young audiences. As such it is the first book to provide a critical account of the full variety of his work and will appeal to students and fans of contemporary British theatre.

Clare Wallace provides a detailed analysis of a broad selection of plays and their productions, reviews current discourses about his work and offers a framework for enquiry. The Companion features an interview with David Greig and a further three essays by leading academics offering a variety of critical perspectives.

Clare Wallace's The Theatre of David Greig is a finely researched book that offers the first comprehensive account of the full range of the Scottish dramatist David Greig's expansive theatre output over the past twenty years. It is impressively rich in detail and broad in scope ... Each chapter in this book is imaginatively assembled, painstakingly researched and richly illustrated with examples from cultural theory as well as the plays ... [It] is impressively authoritative and never less than an intellectually stimulating read about a very important Scottish, British and international playwright. Journal of Contemporary Drama in English