The Politics of Performing Shakespeare for Young People

Jan Wozniak

DOI: 10.5040/9781474234870

ISBN: 9781474234849

What is the value of performing Shakespeare’s plays for young people? Using interviews with theatre workers, rehearsal observations and workshops with young people, this book argues that, rather than promoting a range of pre-determined textual understandings of the plays, it is by trusting young people’s experience of performances that they might gain most benefit. It argues that by privileging the meanings young people make of Shakespeare, new and exciting interpretations of his work might be found.

'Wozniak's book is welcome and helps fill a vacuum of fresh reflection within the world of theatre for young people … Beautifully researched, extensively noted, and indexed, The Politics of Performing Shakespeare for Young People is a sophisticated argument for innovating Shakespeare performances in ways that engage youth and honor their intellectual autonomy. Wozinak's optimism about Shakespeare's future in young British lives is encouraging.' Theatre Topics